Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fun NL

The last week of the season is exciting in the NL. The AL has nothing to offer, the Red Sox have a magic number of 2 and now that the Yanks have clinched, they should be able to put them out of the running for lets peak at the NL

The Phillies are really pushing to knock the Mets out of first. I had the Mets picked to win this division with the Phillies being a surprise punch. Sure enough, this division is displaying fun fall colors. The Mets should hang on, and make the wild card race one of the best.

The Rockies?! Yes, they are 1 GB of the wild card. Who is ahead of them, the Padres. The NL West is the best race going. You have the D-Backs with a 2 game lead over the Padres, and the Padres and Rockies knocking on the wild card door. The Phillies are also 1 game back of the wild card, but I hope that the NL west can send a representative. Here we go Rockies, here we go!

The NL Central appears to have the Cubs winning. Way to go Lou! I knew he could turn this team around and he is living up to my expectation. The Brewers are not out of it yet, still 2 games back. However, they need to win this division if October baseball is being played at MGD stadium. So much for me picking the Cards to win this division.

The NL is giving us a wonderful ride as fall begins.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And like that... we are gone.

Last nights loss officially placed the M's on the list of eliminated teams from the playoffs. Beltre tried to keep it exciting and close in the 9th, to only suffer defeat in the 12th.

Come on Red Sox...keep the bums out of first! For the record, the Indians have not beaten the Yankees all season.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

5 outa 7

I wanted 2 sweeps and have 5 out of 7...not bad. Except the Angels clinched a title the M's had within their grasps near the end of August. You can survive weak starting pitching (to a point) if you have a decent bullpen. When the bullpen fails, you become experts in losing.

Now we have 7 games at home to close out the season, 4 of them against the Indians then finish this weekend against the Rangers. The Indians are going for the best record in the AL, so no way they are going to take it easy on us.

I will finish first in my fantasy baseball league this year! Years of losing have finally come to a close. I give a lot of credit to my draft, I made the least moves in our league at 21. I did draft some mistakes, but quickly rebounded with free agent pickups (Carmona for I hear Cy Young?) that saved my season. We had one manager who did nothing all year, so he does not count. He never changed his lineup and still finished 9th out of 10 managers.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mental mistakes

I am not a huge fan of losing, (who is really) but what really gets my goat is making stupid mental mistakes that cost games. Here are 2 Pro Bowlers having a massive issue with an exchange and both players playing hot potato with it. Someone, just grab the ball and fall on it. Instead, the Cardinals drive the other way for a game winning field goal. The Cardinals out played the hawks for 16:30 of that game. The entire first quarter and the last 1:30 in the game. This is a clear example of how a slow start can hurt us.

To their credit, the hawks have worked from behind in both games. This is an art that could always use more practice. I would be nice to return to Seattle 2-0.

Speaking of coming from behind to win, the M's have not been able to the past couple of games. Now we travel to Oakland and Orange County...not good. I would love to see us sweep both teams or even take 2 out of 3. I am trying not to place a dagger in this season yet.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Come from behind

We tried to bring back from hope to the season this week versus the A's and D-Rays. We came from behind to win all 3 games (or break a tie). I am looking for something positive to come up with and this is it. It was nice to see JJ actually have a reason when they brought him, rather than shaking off the dust. Those 3 wins were very exciting to watch.

What will become of Raul? I wonder if he will be traded so Adam Jones will have a permanent spot in the lineup next year. This off-season will have it ups and downs. Starting pitching will once again be the main focus for the hot stove league. I hope it is the last year we talk about starting pitching as being our weak point. We have drafted so many young guns over the past couple of years, some of them should be making their way into the rotation.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Welcome back Jeremy and lucky number Sleven

HAHA, what a joke he is. The one time I saw him catch the ball...guess what...he fumbled. The play was saved by a roughing the passer call so this fumble will not hit the stat books. There you go Tampa Bay, you can have him. His boulder-esk hands and loose lips were reasons for us not to want him.

The Seachickens games did not start off that well for us. Putting aside the announcers and their non-stop drooling over the Bucs, we had a tough time stopping them. Finally, we got our act together in the 2nd and did not look back. We tried to keep Tampa in the game with a few late hit calls, but they never did capitalize.

I know that is a movie in my title, and one that I liked, however it really has nothing to do with the rest of this post.

What is up with the 7th inning for the M's? It was nice to see a W in the series finally against the Tigers, but it too little too late. Unless the cardiac M's are going to return from this road trip and close out the season with a .750 winning percentage, we are done. We are 6 games back of the fire hot Angels and 5 games back in the wildcard leading bums.

Onto week 2 and keeping my fantasy baseball team in first.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Should we be happy?

The M's were suppose to finish either dead last or second to last in the AL West this year. No one, except M's bloggers, were giving them any real fighting chance. So the questions pops up: Should M's fans be happy that we were competitive this year? (knowing full well the season is not over and we still could miss out on the wild card by only a game or so).

I have been a Mariner fan my entire life so failure is a second language to me. I know what we have for a team and I like it. Regardless of what critics say, I will always give us credit. I am not one to say that we did better than expected this year. Every year I expect us to compete and remain in the race until the end. To watch a team completely fall apart as we entered September is very difficult to stomach and does not qualify as "the end" to me.

Things I like:
The SS/2B combo of Betancourt and Lopez: Lopez does need to pull his head out from time to time and stop making mental mistakes, but overall a plus

J.J.: nuff said

The amount of talented pitching we have drafted: The future is bright for M's pitching.

Adam Jones: This kid is going to be good. He has the ability for longevity and consistantancy in this league.

Beltre: Can field and is probably one of the best at 3B.

Looking forward to A-Rod breaking Aaron's home run record.

Things I find strange:
Sexson, how much is he getting paid to play mediocre? Fans see $$$ when Sexson strikes out to end an inning with runners in scoring position. I am fully aware he cannot deliver each and every at bat, but something over .207 would be nice. He is an all or nothing sort of guy, K or homer, very little in between.

Is Felix overrated or is this too much pressure on a 20 year old to live up to "Clemens-esk" numbers? I like Felix and had the honor of watching him pitch live this year, which I truly enjoyed. But every year I get this impression he should compete for the Cy Young. If we burn out his arm, he will never compete. My much pressure to be our ace.

With all of this, I hope we get back on track on September and make a decent push. Plus, we have a true double-header on the 26th...I have to go.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I knew this road trip was going to be tough. However, the M's need to learn how to finish a season. The only regular season they "finished" was in '95 and that came down to a single game playoff. You could say that 2001 was also a "finishing" year, but to win 116 games and not make the World Series is a bit embarrassing.

How bad have the M's, and particular the bullpen, blown it recently? They have lost 11 of their last 12 and are falling out of Wild card contention. They are putting themselves in a position with little to no recovery.