Tuesday, September 25, 2007

5 outa 7

I wanted 2 sweeps and have 5 out of 7...not bad. Except the Angels clinched a title the M's had within their grasps near the end of August. You can survive weak starting pitching (to a point) if you have a decent bullpen. When the bullpen fails, you become experts in losing.

Now we have 7 games at home to close out the season, 4 of them against the Indians then finish this weekend against the Rangers. The Indians are going for the best record in the AL, so no way they are going to take it easy on us.

I will finish first in my fantasy baseball league this year! Years of losing have finally come to a close. I give a lot of credit to my draft, I made the least moves in our league at 21. I did draft some mistakes, but quickly rebounded with free agent pickups (Carmona for one...do I hear Cy Young?) that saved my season. We had one manager who did nothing all year, so he does not count. He never changed his lineup and still finished 9th out of 10 managers.

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