Sunday, September 16, 2007

Come from behind

We tried to bring back from hope to the season this week versus the A's and D-Rays. We came from behind to win all 3 games (or break a tie). I am looking for something positive to come up with and this is it. It was nice to see JJ actually have a reason when they brought him, rather than shaking off the dust. Those 3 wins were very exciting to watch.

What will become of Raul? I wonder if he will be traded so Adam Jones will have a permanent spot in the lineup next year. This off-season will have it ups and downs. Starting pitching will once again be the main focus for the hot stove league. I hope it is the last year we talk about starting pitching as being our weak point. We have drafted so many young guns over the past couple of years, some of them should be making their way into the rotation.

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