Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fun NL

The last week of the season is exciting in the NL. The AL has nothing to offer, the Red Sox have a magic number of 2 and now that the Yanks have clinched, they should be able to put them out of the running for lets peak at the NL

The Phillies are really pushing to knock the Mets out of first. I had the Mets picked to win this division with the Phillies being a surprise punch. Sure enough, this division is displaying fun fall colors. The Mets should hang on, and make the wild card race one of the best.

The Rockies?! Yes, they are 1 GB of the wild card. Who is ahead of them, the Padres. The NL West is the best race going. You have the D-Backs with a 2 game lead over the Padres, and the Padres and Rockies knocking on the wild card door. The Phillies are also 1 game back of the wild card, but I hope that the NL west can send a representative. Here we go Rockies, here we go!

The NL Central appears to have the Cubs winning. Way to go Lou! I knew he could turn this team around and he is living up to my expectation. The Brewers are not out of it yet, still 2 games back. However, they need to win this division if October baseball is being played at MGD stadium. So much for me picking the Cards to win this division.

The NL is giving us a wonderful ride as fall begins.

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