Monday, September 17, 2007

Mental mistakes

I am not a huge fan of losing, (who is really) but what really gets my goat is making stupid mental mistakes that cost games. Here are 2 Pro Bowlers having a massive issue with an exchange and both players playing hot potato with it. Someone, just grab the ball and fall on it. Instead, the Cardinals drive the other way for a game winning field goal. The Cardinals out played the hawks for 16:30 of that game. The entire first quarter and the last 1:30 in the game. This is a clear example of how a slow start can hurt us.

To their credit, the hawks have worked from behind in both games. This is an art that could always use more practice. I would be nice to return to Seattle 2-0.

Speaking of coming from behind to win, the M's have not been able to the past couple of games. Now we travel to Oakland and Orange County...not good. I would love to see us sweep both teams or even take 2 out of 3. I am trying not to place a dagger in this season yet.

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