Friday, September 07, 2007

Should we be happy?

The M's were suppose to finish either dead last or second to last in the AL West this year. No one, except M's bloggers, were giving them any real fighting chance. So the questions pops up: Should M's fans be happy that we were competitive this year? (knowing full well the season is not over and we still could miss out on the wild card by only a game or so).

I have been a Mariner fan my entire life so failure is a second language to me. I know what we have for a team and I like it. Regardless of what critics say, I will always give us credit. I am not one to say that we did better than expected this year. Every year I expect us to compete and remain in the race until the end. To watch a team completely fall apart as we entered September is very difficult to stomach and does not qualify as "the end" to me.

Things I like:
The SS/2B combo of Betancourt and Lopez: Lopez does need to pull his head out from time to time and stop making mental mistakes, but overall a plus

J.J.: nuff said

The amount of talented pitching we have drafted: The future is bright for M's pitching.

Adam Jones: This kid is going to be good. He has the ability for longevity and consistantancy in this league.

Beltre: Can field and is probably one of the best at 3B.

Looking forward to A-Rod breaking Aaron's home run record.

Things I find strange:
Sexson, how much is he getting paid to play mediocre? Fans see $$$ when Sexson strikes out to end an inning with runners in scoring position. I am fully aware he cannot deliver each and every at bat, but something over .207 would be nice. He is an all or nothing sort of guy, K or homer, very little in between.

Is Felix overrated or is this too much pressure on a 20 year old to live up to "Clemens-esk" numbers? I like Felix and had the honor of watching him pitch live this year, which I truly enjoyed. But every year I get this impression he should compete for the Cy Young. If we burn out his arm, he will never compete. My much pressure to be our ace.

With all of this, I hope we get back on track on September and make a decent push. Plus, we have a true double-header on the 26th...I have to go.

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Montana1 said...

Man, I was really counting on the Mariners to keep the Skanks out of the playoffs. Looks like the NY Bums are going to sneak in and creak havok for the AL playoffs. GET ON YOUR Ms!!!