Monday, September 10, 2007

Welcome back Jeremy and lucky number Sleven

HAHA, what a joke he is. The one time I saw him catch the ball...guess what...he fumbled. The play was saved by a roughing the passer call so this fumble will not hit the stat books. There you go Tampa Bay, you can have him. His boulder-esk hands and loose lips were reasons for us not to want him.

The Seachickens games did not start off that well for us. Putting aside the announcers and their non-stop drooling over the Bucs, we had a tough time stopping them. Finally, we got our act together in the 2nd and did not look back. We tried to keep Tampa in the game with a few late hit calls, but they never did capitalize.

I know that is a movie in my title, and one that I liked, however it really has nothing to do with the rest of this post.

What is up with the 7th inning for the M's? It was nice to see a W in the series finally against the Tigers, but it too little too late. Unless the cardiac M's are going to return from this road trip and close out the season with a .750 winning percentage, we are done. We are 6 games back of the fire hot Angels and 5 games back in the wildcard leading bums.

Onto week 2 and keeping my fantasy baseball team in first.

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