Monday, October 15, 2007

It's official...we suck

Overrated, sucky, whatever you want to call us it is true. We do not generate offense until well into the 2nd quarter. Matt's first 3 games where statistically some of his best, now he thinks we play for the other team. Our defense tends to show signs of brilliance but is spending way too much time on the field.

The Saints entered last nights game with 1 sack, they leave with 5 more. Bush has never had 88 yards in half. Shaun had 35 yards on 14 carries and the offense could not move the ball if it was round and we played downhill.

Something needs to change. I am a fan of Holmgren, but this team is complacent and in desperate need of a pulse check. There is no "magic" when the hawks take the field. There is no drive to put teams away if and when we have a lead. We constantly shoot ourselves in the foot with bad play calls and horrible time management.

The Steelers were suppose to bit "it" for tough teams this year. The Saints came into last nights game 0-4 and showing no signs of lasts years brilliance. Qwest Field use to be a place where the Hawks could guarantee a longer the case. The 12th man is only as strong as the other 11.

Thank goodness we play in the NFC's worst division.

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