Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sunday is not a rematch and other randomness

That is a cop out right? Whatever. I have made my peace...finally...with the events of 2 years ago. (Doesn't mean I like the Steelers or their fans, but you get the point). There is no reason to bring up those feeling again. Personally, we are going to walk into yet another Steeler home game and lose. Final score, Steelers 28, Hawks 13. There has been some talk on sports talk around our area in regards to this rematch. A lot of fans are still hot and bothered by the events of years past and want revenge. Others could care less and want to move on with the rest of the season. After this week, the remaining 11 or so games does not have a team currently above .500.

I did some research to see what is going on with Shaun. I had always thought that when Hutch left after the Super Bowl, he would never run well to the left again. I had people tell me (Steeler fans in Utah primarily) that with Hutch gone, Shaun cannot run left. Or "if you stop him on the left, his running game is over." But did you know Shaun had more yards running right? If you look at the years with Hutch at left guard and Jones at left tackle, Shaun has more yards running away from those guys. To answer what is going on today? Injuries, it has to be injuries. That, along with his need to make every first down a goal line. When the Hawks are inside the 15, he runs a lot harder then when they are at the 50.

The M's finished the season strong by sweeping the Rangers. The M's finished with the 5th best record in the AL. I think that is actually a very good thing since we were dead last in the AL West for 2006. Remove our bad 2 week road trip and you could see the M's losing to the Red Sox, rather than the Angels.

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