Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter Meetings

We have reached this part of the Hot Stove league. The M's are looking for a starter. I am not sold on Free Agency, primarily because we have never truly benefited from it. I know that we have had decent players meander through the clubhouse at Safeco, but we are still lacking that World Series win. At this point, I would take a World Series appearance!

The M's have focused a lot of their draft attention to pitching recently. I am looking forward to some of those young arms making their way the majors. Perhaps we have some great starters just waiting for their shot.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Holy War

I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post. This past weekend, the holy war took place. For those of you that do not know of this game, it is Utah vs. "the team down south".

I hate BYU.

We listened to a few minutes of the game on the way home from Thanksgiving. It sounded like Utah really tried to make this close, but failed in doing so. I hope if Oregon goes to the Vegas bowl again this year, the team that was ranked 2nd actually shows up to destroy BYU rather than the crap high school squad that showed up last year.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Football thoughts from the past weekend

It was nice to see the Hawks pull out a win against a backup QB and a beaten up O-line. At least we kept it interesting. Since Holmgren has announced how he is going to the pass, we have had a decent amount of wins. However, we still need to run the ball to keep defenses on their toes. Watching Mo Morris run is a lot different than Shaun. Mo has some urgency, while Shaun likes to dance and find the hole.

The UM football team lost to Wofford this past weekend at home. I cannot say I am surprised. In the football history of that school, we have had problems stopping the option. Since Wofford defeated App State earlier this year, I knew we would have a contest on our hands, snow or no snow. I also felt we were the most overrated undefeated team in the nation. I would like to see other D1AA foes on the schedule. How can you get better if you never lose? The Griz are not the Pat's, where domination of opponents plays a major role. We had some squeakers but nothing like what we saw on Saturday. At least we beat the bobcats.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Beer Blog

I added a new section to the side bar. I found this blog at the page. This dude has some killer beer reviews that I have enjoyed reading.

Now I know why Guillen was valuable

Follow this link.

Monday, November 05, 2007


The Hawks let another one slip away. In the first half, the defense was shutting down the Browns. The second half, the offense could not move the ball and the defense could not stop a model train. I am beginning to wonder if the winner of the NFC Worst will be a .500 team.

The M's released Jose Guillen. He was a great addition to the club this past season. I know we did this for Adam Jones and I hope that Adam Jones can live up to the hype that is being created around him.

It is official, Torre to manage the Dodgers. I am holding out an opinion on this. I have placed the Dodgers in the post season in my predictions. They have only lived up to this once in my two year reign as "champion of all things NL". They have pitching and some decent hitting. (Have I mentioned how much Billingsley rules!).

At this rate with the Hawks, spring training cannot start soon enough!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Updated thoughts

Congrats to Sox fans! I thought the WS was rather "blah" this year but that could be because the Mariners were not in it.

The A-Rod sweepstakes will not have the Yankees. If he is not careful, he will price himself out of baseball. What I am saying...someone will Pay-Rod what we wants. My guess is bad blood caused the Yanks to not fight for him. That, or they honestly cannot afford him without the money help that Texas was providing. However if Santana hits the FA wire, you can bet the Yanks will find money for him. Lead runners for A-Rod? Probably the Dodgers. They need a 3rd baseman and Torre is the "rumored" new manager. Other teams that can afford Pay-Rod? Angels? My concern here is what he is doing to this game of baseball. I hope he stays around long enough to break Aaron's record.

The Hawks have a tough battle with the Browns this weekend. We do not travel well to the eastern time zone, but we get to fall back this weekend, so that might help.

The M's have hired an ex-Yank coach, Mel Stottlemyre. I am holding out judgment on this until the end of April. I also want to see what we do for a starter during the hot stove season.