Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Football thoughts from the past weekend

It was nice to see the Hawks pull out a win against a backup QB and a beaten up O-line. At least we kept it interesting. Since Holmgren has announced how he is going to the pass, we have had a decent amount of wins. However, we still need to run the ball to keep defenses on their toes. Watching Mo Morris run is a lot different than Shaun. Mo has some urgency, while Shaun likes to dance and find the hole.

The UM football team lost to Wofford this past weekend at home. I cannot say I am surprised. In the football history of that school, we have had problems stopping the option. Since Wofford defeated App State earlier this year, I knew we would have a contest on our hands, snow or no snow. I also felt we were the most overrated undefeated team in the nation. I would like to see other D1AA foes on the schedule. How can you get better if you never lose? The Griz are not the Pat's, where domination of opponents plays a major role. We had some squeakers but nothing like what we saw on Saturday. At least we beat the bobcats.

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