Monday, November 05, 2007


The Hawks let another one slip away. In the first half, the defense was shutting down the Browns. The second half, the offense could not move the ball and the defense could not stop a model train. I am beginning to wonder if the winner of the NFC Worst will be a .500 team.

The M's released Jose Guillen. He was a great addition to the club this past season. I know we did this for Adam Jones and I hope that Adam Jones can live up to the hype that is being created around him.

It is official, Torre to manage the Dodgers. I am holding out an opinion on this. I have placed the Dodgers in the post season in my predictions. They have only lived up to this once in my two year reign as "champion of all things NL". They have pitching and some decent hitting. (Have I mentioned how much Billingsley rules!).

At this rate with the Hawks, spring training cannot start soon enough!

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