Thursday, November 01, 2007

Updated thoughts

Congrats to Sox fans! I thought the WS was rather "blah" this year but that could be because the Mariners were not in it.

The A-Rod sweepstakes will not have the Yankees. If he is not careful, he will price himself out of baseball. What I am saying...someone will Pay-Rod what we wants. My guess is bad blood caused the Yanks to not fight for him. That, or they honestly cannot afford him without the money help that Texas was providing. However if Santana hits the FA wire, you can bet the Yanks will find money for him. Lead runners for A-Rod? Probably the Dodgers. They need a 3rd baseman and Torre is the "rumored" new manager. Other teams that can afford Pay-Rod? Angels? My concern here is what he is doing to this game of baseball. I hope he stays around long enough to break Aaron's record.

The Hawks have a tough battle with the Browns this weekend. We do not travel well to the eastern time zone, but we get to fall back this weekend, so that might help.

The M's have hired an ex-Yank coach, Mel Stottlemyre. I am holding out judgment on this until the end of April. I also want to see what we do for a starter during the hot stove season.

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