Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year and the playoffs

I hope that 2007 was an eventful and enjoyable year for one and all.

The Hawks are going to need to step-up their defense against the Redskins. I personally think we are in a match-up that we could lose fairly easily. The skins happen to be one of the hottest teams. What helps us, we have an east coast team coming to us, rather than the other way around. A running game would be key to us winning this game. As everyone knows, a running game opens up the passing game.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Holidays (a bit late)

This is always an interesting time of year. We made a trek back to Montana for the Christmas holiday, it was very nice. Played in the 21st annual Christmas Eve football game; it had been a couple of years since I last played so my joints and muscles are still a bit sore. Missoula has changed. Being from Seattle now, the traffic did not bother me, but overall, I could see how Missoula does have a traffic problem for a city of its size. Overall, the city still provides a positive vibe to me. Had a "Dancing Trout" at the Iron Horse, the taste has not changed, even though the name has.

I have never been an overly creative person when it comes to giving gifts. So finding gifts for others, tends to be somewhat challenging. On the receiving end, I only wanting cards for Christmas. I always receive gifts throughout the year from those that I love and I count those towards the common "What do you want for Christmas?" question.

I am reading "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. This is a great book, and the first I have read by McCarthy. If you are looking for a quick read that is hard to put down, this is my recommendation. For those of you that do not know me, I do not read books. This was one that my wife had recommended to me and I have since enjoyed.

Silva: 4 years, $44 Million (or $48 Million)

Overall, a smart move. We did not have to give up any talent for this pitcher.

However, overpriced. Silva is not a horrible pitcher, much like HoRam that we signed before last season. He does bring with him a winning record and an average ERA. In some ways, I see this as the "Gil Meche" signing for this year. He is not going to be an ace for the M's anytime soon. I would put him in the 3 or 4 spot, but for the M's, he sits probably in #2.

Monday, December 17, 2007

No Kurado

To bad, but you should know how I feel about the hype cycle of Japaneses pitching.

I see that the always injured, never pitching Mark Prior is available. Some M's fan wrote in to the mailbag asking if we would pursue him. I sure hope not! Bedard is a better chase than Prior, at least Bedard breaks the century mark in innings pitched per season.

Friday, December 14, 2007

HD update

I am using my DVR for HD downloads now Bill. I need Apple TV to step-up their product as well as iTunes to give us HD downloads. Do you think that Sony will allow this to happen?

My boss and I were talking about this. He thinks that Tivo and NetFlix need to merge. Tivo (and other DV-R's) are already setup for HD. Now, we just need a great way to get HD moves onto those devices.

Mitchell Report


Let’s face it; a majority of Americans are going to label all of the "alleged" steroid users as guilty. Regardless of actual evidence or not players like Clemens now have a flag on them that they will have to be removed. Since Clemens "adamantly denies" these claims in the report, I am watching to see if he and others actually sue those that implicated them. Keep in mind, to my knowledge, Bonds has never sued the folks at the SF Chronicle for leaking his name into the press.

I like the idea of not penalizing players for past actions. The sheer fact they have been named, and this was the lead story on every major 6 PM nation news yesterday is a fair amount of punishment in and of itself. Since every team was hit, how can you penalize them all? Selig is not the sharpest tool in the shed, he has to take some responsibility for allowing it to get this large. I would love to see the players union step up and volunteer to blood tests, year round moving forward. If done quickly, fans will not be lost, perhaps even fans gained.

There are a lot of mixed reactions to these finding spread throughout the internet. It if very interesting to hear all sides to this debate.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Seahawks looked okay

Whew, we clinched the NFC Worst again. Overall, the play of the Hawks on Sunday was good. However, we had a few little break downs that a team with any ability would have capitalized on and made the game a lot closer than what it actually was.

Shaun needs to sit the rest of the season. Put him at 100% for the playoffs and teach the line how to block for a ballet runner. Mo Morris run north and south, while Shaun likes to dance, picking the correct hole.

Way to go Pats! I am not a Pats fan, but one team I love to see on the losing end of a contest is the Steelers. Can the announcers shut up about the champagne in Miami?!!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I entered the 21st century

As much as I hate texting and ring tones, I am officially a hypocrite on these 2 items. I have taken up texting with friends and family. I have also threw some money away with ring tones. I hate to say it, but it is fun and makes me laugh when people call.

Have not decided yet on a ring tone for co-workers or work related callers. Either "Working for the weekend", Loverboy or the theme music from "The Exorcist".

Rumors abound!

There is a rumor running about at the winter meetings that the M's are trying to land Tim Lincecum. This is a killer rumor for me, since I watched Tim come up this past year and feel that he has what it takes to be a long time pitcher in the bigs. He offers a crazy 12-6 curve that left a lot of batters in denial.

Who would the M's have to give up? Sexson, Woohoo!!!! Well that is one name being mentioned. The other is Ben Brousard who I thought played very well and deserves to start for some team, preferably 1B for the M's. You do realize, once Sexson is traded/leaves he will have a career year.

The M's are also looking to find a backup at 2B. The sometimes airheaded play of Lopez did not impress me so I am okay with this move. I think Lopez has the ability to reach down and bring back the all star from 2 years back, but that is up for him to decide. In the meantime, lets find a great 2B to either replace him or back him up. I feel the minors would be an ideal spot to fill this, but what do I know. I don't see the logic in trading for a bench player.

Santana? Bedard? Kuroda? Blockbusters?

It looks like we were on the "second tier" for Santana. On the table for us wold have to be Morrow, Clement and Jones. It looks like bringing Morrow up as a setup man was a mistake. He would have provided more value as a starter in AA or AAA. Clement, the Twins don't need a catcher. Jones would be nice in their outfield, but he would appear to be the only option the Twins would actually need. Looks like the Red Sox are the only team standing in the Santana sweepstakes.

Moving onto Bedard. If it was me, I would not give up the same 3 guys listed above for Bedard. Bedard is young, but unhealthy. He has yet to pitch over 200 innings in a season. Another downside to Bedard is that he has 2 years left on his contract before free agency. So if we did trade away a good chunk of our future farm, we run the risk of not having a pitcher for the entire season and departing at the end of 2 years. Too many risks on this move

Kuroda. I am not 100% sold on overseas pitching. Dice-K was a "nice to have" for Boston, but look at how much money was spent for a 15-12 pitcher with an ERA of 4.40. Overall not bad numbers, I would take those on the M's too, just not for the 150 Million dollar price tag. This was his first year in the bigs, so the price tag will be measured as a "long term investment". It could be worse, look at what the Yankees squeezed out of Igawa. He is now sitting in their farm system.

Way to go Detroit! Dontrelle and Cabrera, this could be fun to watch. The Tigers are giving up some talent, but what they are receiving is huge! I did enjoy Andrew Miller, he showed a lot of promise in a starting role. It will be interesting to see how these 2 NL guys adjust to life in the AL.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Price of Diesel


I have not vented too much lately about the price of diesel in our neck of the woods. When we purchased our (no longer made) diesel Liberty, I thought we were doing a good thing. We average about 26 MPG on the highway and closer to 20 for city driving. But does the inflated cost of diesel benefit us from an environment standpoint? I am starting to think not.

Working from home does help from running up large gasoline bills, that part I enjoy.

Some HD venting

This post should come in really clear! Look at how vivid the words are!

Anywho, the HD debate is waging in my head. We use Comcast for both TV and internet. Logic states that Comcast does not have enough bandwidth coming through the wire to supply the same amount of HD as Dish. Do we make the switch or not? What is the point of having an HD set, if you cannot experience all your shows in HD goodness?

Football is killer in HD, you cannot beat it. I say this because I will not pay the overpriced amount to attend a Seahawks game...this year. During baseball season, all the home games for the M's are televised in HD, love that too!

Oh well, I guess I will remain content with Comcast.

When is this whole Blu-ray vs. HDDVD debate going to end?