Friday, December 14, 2007

Mitchell Report


Let’s face it; a majority of Americans are going to label all of the "alleged" steroid users as guilty. Regardless of actual evidence or not players like Clemens now have a flag on them that they will have to be removed. Since Clemens "adamantly denies" these claims in the report, I am watching to see if he and others actually sue those that implicated them. Keep in mind, to my knowledge, Bonds has never sued the folks at the SF Chronicle for leaking his name into the press.

I like the idea of not penalizing players for past actions. The sheer fact they have been named, and this was the lead story on every major 6 PM nation news yesterday is a fair amount of punishment in and of itself. Since every team was hit, how can you penalize them all? Selig is not the sharpest tool in the shed, he has to take some responsibility for allowing it to get this large. I would love to see the players union step up and volunteer to blood tests, year round moving forward. If done quickly, fans will not be lost, perhaps even fans gained.

There are a lot of mixed reactions to these finding spread throughout the internet. It if very interesting to hear all sides to this debate.

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