Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rumors abound!

There is a rumor running about at the winter meetings that the M's are trying to land Tim Lincecum. This is a killer rumor for me, since I watched Tim come up this past year and feel that he has what it takes to be a long time pitcher in the bigs. He offers a crazy 12-6 curve that left a lot of batters in denial.

Who would the M's have to give up? Sexson, Woohoo!!!! Well that is one name being mentioned. The other is Ben Brousard who I thought played very well and deserves to start for some team, preferably 1B for the M's. You do realize, once Sexson is traded/leaves he will have a career year.

The M's are also looking to find a backup at 2B. The sometimes airheaded play of Lopez did not impress me so I am okay with this move. I think Lopez has the ability to reach down and bring back the all star from 2 years back, but that is up for him to decide. In the meantime, lets find a great 2B to either replace him or back him up. I feel the minors would be an ideal spot to fill this, but what do I know. I don't see the logic in trading for a bench player.

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