Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Santana? Bedard? Kuroda? Blockbusters?

It looks like we were on the "second tier" for Santana. On the table for us wold have to be Morrow, Clement and Jones. It looks like bringing Morrow up as a setup man was a mistake. He would have provided more value as a starter in AA or AAA. Clement, the Twins don't need a catcher. Jones would be nice in their outfield, but he would appear to be the only option the Twins would actually need. Looks like the Red Sox are the only team standing in the Santana sweepstakes.

Moving onto Bedard. If it was me, I would not give up the same 3 guys listed above for Bedard. Bedard is young, but unhealthy. He has yet to pitch over 200 innings in a season. Another downside to Bedard is that he has 2 years left on his contract before free agency. So if we did trade away a good chunk of our future farm, we run the risk of not having a pitcher for the entire season and departing at the end of 2 years. Too many risks on this move

Kuroda. I am not 100% sold on overseas pitching. Dice-K was a "nice to have" for Boston, but look at how much money was spent for a 15-12 pitcher with an ERA of 4.40. Overall not bad numbers, I would take those on the M's too, just not for the 150 Million dollar price tag. This was his first year in the bigs, so the price tag will be measured as a "long term investment". It could be worse, look at what the Yankees squeezed out of Igawa. He is now sitting in their farm system.

Way to go Detroit! Dontrelle and Cabrera, this could be fun to watch. The Tigers are giving up some talent, but what they are receiving is huge! I did enjoy Andrew Miller, he showed a lot of promise in a starting role. It will be interesting to see how these 2 NL guys adjust to life in the AL.

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