Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What is Clemens doing?

I have to applaud him for taking action against his trainer. Not because I think he is telling the truth, but he is at least trying to defend his character.

He needs to stop whining, immediately. The last thing that baseball needs (besides the steroids) is a multi-million dollar star complaining about having to spend part of this $120+ Million career earnings (not including endorsements) on defending his character. Does he actually think that the American public is going to watch TV and have thoughts of "poor Roger"? I think not!

He is doing the exact opposite of Bonds. Barry apparently could care less what is written about him and his "alleged" use. Clemens is taking the defensive strategy. Where is all this anger coming from? Steroids perhaps?

I hope for the sake of Clemens, that this is not another fist pounding "I never" to later find out that he was guilty all along.

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