Friday, March 28, 2008

Baseball updates

It has been awhile since I have blogged. I don’t have a good excuse for this so I will continue on.

Baseball is upon us! Monday, the M’s open at home against the Rangers. Last night, our fantasy baseball league had its draft. So far, I a bit disappointed with my player selection. Obviously, time will tell, but we are doing head-to-head this year, so the strategy that I finally mastered last season, is different this year.

I probably won’t do any of my great baseball pick blogs, like last year. So here is an abbreviated section.

Boston reclaims the AL East, Detroit wins the central, and the Angels edge out the M’s for the West. Wildcard teams will potentially be the M’s and Indians.

In the NL, the Phillies win the East, Cubs and Brewers battle hard for the Central, with the Brewers winning that division. The Dodgers will take the West. As for wildcard potential teams, we have the Cubs, Mets and Braves.

I did a poor job of baseball research, so I lack the “players you must see” information. One player I am watching is Michael Bourn for the Astros. He has speed and will be a perennial leadoff hitter.

Back to work as the snow falls in Seattle.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Injury bug hits Anaheim

It appears that John Lackey is out until May. John has been a Mariner killer over the past few seasons. Along with John is Kelvim Escobar, he is out until mid-May. These injuries are not season ending, but should allow us to win a couple of series against the AL West rivals.

The M's are struggling during spring training, music to my ears. The more bugs that are worked out in Peoria, the less we should see them in Seattle.

Bedard is having a very bad spring, with an ERA over 9. I am not too concerned by this, as he will need time to settle in with his new team and with new pitching coach Mel. Ichiro finally broke his hitless streak on Friday, this one did have me concerned a bit, but he is now back on track.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What is next for Shaun?

With Jones and TJ Duckett now signed, what is next for Shaun? Does Mo Morris or Shaun go? Since Jones runs like Morris, it would be likely that a trade of Shaun for a higher draft pick could be coming. Shaun's stock has to be the lowest of his career after 2 injured plagued seasons.

As frustrating as I found watching him last season, he is still one of my favorite Hawks. He is not gone...yet, but I do hope the best for him and his career.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thank you Brett!

Brett Favre retired this week. I will miss that smile on the football field. From what I can tell, Brett is one of the last players to enjoy the game. He did so without having to pound his chest, taunt the other team or have the coolest TD dance.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Spring games have begun

Bedard was not overly impressive in his debut with the M's. Felix, on the other hand, pitched 3 innings of perfect ball to start spring. I have big plans for this pitching staff this year.

In other news, Santana was rocked in his spring debut with the Mets. I wonder what the impact of Santana will be on the Mets this season. I am not sure if I will have them winning the NL East. With Glavine back in Hotlanta, will this help bring the Braves back to the top of the NL East?

Time to start researching my division predictions. It might take me a couple days to figure out who is in what uniform before I go much further.