Monday, April 07, 2008

Subtle brilliance

"It's a sitcom! How hard can it be?"

I have to give big props to the writers of The Office. I have had an episode running through my mind since I saw the rerun last Thursday. The episode is "Local Ad" and two people in there are very familiar to me. I am sure that most of you that read this blog, already know what I am about to share.

Did the two guys that are from the ad agency look familiar? Both of them have been seen in popular ads for about 18 months. The guy that does a majority of the talking has been seen lately leaving long, odd voicemails on a girls T-Mobile cell phone and then deleting them to be re-recorded. The other ad rep has been spotted in Home Depot ads. The one that comes to my mind is when his "daughter" tells him how outdated their kitchen is and then receives a monetary gift from "mom" for doing so. Having two guys in ads, play ad makers is beyond funny to me.

I think this subtle bit of brilliance is fantastic. Perhaps to some of you, this was not so subtle.

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