Sunday, April 06, 2008

Why in Baltimore?

Talk about a bad road trip. So far, we have lost 3 games with 1 left to play. George sherrill, the ex-Mariner, has received 2 saves so far. The pen complete self-distructed today after Hernandex had the O's shutdown for 8 innings.

The season is young, but times like these we really need to learn. Did we "rush" Lowe back to the pen too fast? O'Flaherty, who is generally spot on, gave up 2 ER today. We have one last gasp of air in Camden Yards tomorrow before we venture south to Tampa. After we sweep Tampa, we return home for the first of many games between the M's and the Angels of Orange County.

Side note: Best invention ever for gaming, the Wii. We only have a very small collection of games (no guitar hero yet) but I love playing Wii Sports and the Olympics.

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