Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stop the bleeding!!!

Enough already, win a damn game! We are swept by the seller dwelling Tigers and Yankees, and now are losing leads to the Red Sox. The only thing I truly see missing from this team is heart with a little bit of drive thrown in.

I know Sexson shows signs of greatness, but dump him and that salary. We need to take our queues from the Marlins. I am a closet fan of the Marlins. They are able to produce talent and wins with an owner that runs them like the owner in "Major League". The M's are 9th in payroll with $117 Million this year (7th last year) and carry the worst record in all of baseball! Marlins with $21 Million are dead last and the Rays with $43 Million are second to last. Last year, the Marlins and Rays flip flopped positions. They are doing this by building up a strong farm system and bring players up when they are ripe, not too early, not too late. Obviously, neither of them are "buying" championships. I don't care if you hate the Florida teams, but that is pretty darn cool they can win on what is defined as minimal wage in baseball.

How are other teams that are winning rank in the payroll list:
Oakland 28th
D-Back 23rd
Rangers 21st

The Yankees and Tigers top the list and sit in the bottom of their divisions.

BOTW: Blue Paddle

A nice meld of hops and malt. An outstanding Pilsner for a warm summer day. This would be a perfect "getting off the river and having a beer" beer. I would have to rate this as one of my favorite Pilsners. 4 stars for the brewer better known for Fat Tire

Very drinkable, and this borders for 4.5 stars. One of the best Pilsners on the market.

BOTW: Moose Drool

A great tasting dark roasted nut brown. You can distinctly taste every ounce of nuttiness. The roast is not over powering, but a great blend.

I don't think I have reviews MD yet. It would be wrong of me to be from Missoula and not do so. Pretty bland review for a beer that I just love to drink. This can be drank on hot or cold days, it really doesn't matter. The color says warm, but the taste will argue otherwise.

4 stars and very drinkable!

Friday, May 23, 2008

BOTW: Snake River Pale Ale

This is a gently hopped pale ale. A minimal amount of bittering hops, but a great deal of finishing hops. The mild punch of hop taste and aroma is prevalent at the start then the taste of hops melts away and blends nicely with the lighter malt.

I would rate this beer 3.5 out 5 stars and very drinkable. This is a medal winning beer for the brewer from Jackson Hole, WY. I have had the chance to visit this brewery, and I would encourage others to do the same when in NW Wyoming.

Here is what their website has to say about the beer:

An aromatic American pale ale brewed using 2 row pale, Munich 9L, and carastan 34L malts.

Subtle bitterness is produced with Washington Columbus hops while assertive flavor and aroma are produced using Washington Cascade.

Dry hopping with Cascade produce a very drinkable pale with a pleasant floral finish.

The opening Plato was 12.5 and the beer was fermented to an ending Plato of 2.5 creating an alcohol content of 5.2% by volume.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mariner update...ick...15-26

Rule number of 1 of being a sports: There will be good times and there will be rough times.

It has not been a pretty year. We did drop the dead weight of Brad Wilkerson, but made a mistake by dropping Greg Norton. Norton was only batting .500 coming off the bench with 4 K's. Meanwhile, Clement has not showed any signs of his AAA performances. I am happy with the call up of Balentien. He is not hitting all that well, but has showed promise.

Fielding is killing us! We are ranked 13th out of 14 teams in the AL and 26th in all of baseball.

Hitting is killing us! We are 24th overall in batting average, 29th against right-handed pithing (1102 AB's) , and 3rd against left-handed pitching (273 AB's). We are making teams like the White Sox and Rangers appear to have a rotation full of Cy Young winners. We are not getting small ball done, and for sure not hitting many home runs. I think Sexson is on pace for over 30 HR, however, only 90 RBI's to follow those home runs.

What about pitching? We are 25th in overall team ERA, 26th for our starters and 21st for our bullpen. This was a team that was suppose to have one of the best starting rotations in the AL, and perhaps all of baseball. Bedard was rocked in his last start, and King Felix has not found his rhythm since early April. Last year, our pen was fairly solid. That does not appear to be the case this year.

Needless to say, this is currently not a fun team to watch. I hope we get all the "bugs" worked out by Memorial Day before we are put too far out of the race. Otherwise, this might be another one of those years where we call it quits in June and give our youth some time in the majors.