Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stop the bleeding!!!

Enough already, win a damn game! We are swept by the seller dwelling Tigers and Yankees, and now are losing leads to the Red Sox. The only thing I truly see missing from this team is heart with a little bit of drive thrown in.

I know Sexson shows signs of greatness, but dump him and that salary. We need to take our queues from the Marlins. I am a closet fan of the Marlins. They are able to produce talent and wins with an owner that runs them like the owner in "Major League". The M's are 9th in payroll with $117 Million this year (7th last year) and carry the worst record in all of baseball! Marlins with $21 Million are dead last and the Rays with $43 Million are second to last. Last year, the Marlins and Rays flip flopped positions. They are doing this by building up a strong farm system and bring players up when they are ripe, not too early, not too late. Obviously, neither of them are "buying" championships. I don't care if you hate the Florida teams, but that is pretty darn cool they can win on what is defined as minimal wage in baseball.

How are other teams that are winning rank in the payroll list:
Oakland 28th
D-Back 23rd
Rangers 21st

The Yankees and Tigers top the list and sit in the bottom of their divisions.

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