Friday, June 20, 2008

Bye Johnny

John had made some questionable moves in his brief stint as manager. I can only compare this to Bob Melvin. Bob inherited a decent team from Pinella, then went on a huge losing tear the following season. Later, he arrives back in AZ and puts that team at or near the top of the NL West...interesting. I hope John Mclaren ends up somewhere, he was with the M's organization for so long. And I thought the GM move was going to be are only big firing this year.

With that said, I do not think Mclaren should have been fired. I don't think all of these issues are his fault. We lost some "spark plug" type players in the off-season and acquire some "ho-hum" players in their place. A shake up is necessary, however, this change may have come too soon. The move was supposedly done in the best interest of the remaining 90 games. I guess time will tell.

With the trade deadline approaching quickly, we will see if any players take a hit for the poor performance of the M's.

Good luck John!

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