Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So, what next?

As I stated earlier, this season is shot. I don't expect too much to happen for the rest of the season, in terms of major moves. We do have the worst hitting DH and 1B in the league, so if that changed, I would not be upset.

I don't know much of Mr. Lee Pelekoudas. He is a candidate to fill the spot permanently. He has been with the team since 1979. The best candidates outside of Lee probably won't be available until seasons end, another reason nothing will happen.

Ichiro was moved back to RF last night, and will remain there for the rest of the season. This is good news for Ichiro! It also means that CF becomes a cornucopia of players. I am sure the conspiracy theorist already think that means they are bringing back Junior. If the M's were to bring back the 38 year young Junior for his swan song, it should be DH, (.245 avg, 7 HR, and 30 RBI). Vidro is not much better with his .215 avg, 5 HR, and 34 RBI. The only thing Vidro gives you is that he is a switch hitter. I am not saying we should bring Junior back, we know we cannot afford him. But the moral boost it would give this city, would be amazing. Seattle is a loyalist city, it takes care of the player faithful. Even Gary Payton and the X-Man came back to town for the rally at the court house as the jackass owner Clay Clay takes the Sonics to Oklahoma.

One quick note on the move to OK City. I have not watched the NBA since '98 so I don't care that much about this move from a fan standpoint. With that said, I was a Sonic faithful from the time I can remember up to the strike of '98. Hell, I even put X-Man on my letterman's jacket! The fact the NBA has no issue with a happy donkey owner taking a 41 year team out of it's birthplace and placing it in BFE is ridiculous. I guess it helps when you have an owner in bed with the commissioner. So long Sonics, thanks for the memories!

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