Monday, July 28, 2008

Been awhile

A lot has happened since I last blogged. Richie Sexson was let go, and…well I guess that was about it. The M's continue to struggle at the plate, but I would say things are a bit different under Riggleman. Next to go, Vidro and Washburn. Of course, Washburn has a 2.44 ERA in his last 9 starts and Vidro is actually attempting to produce. This could be good news as Thursday's trade deadline approaches. I honestly think with the way the season has gone, anyone is fair game to build for the future.

Yesterday, the first true Mariner was inducted into the HOF, Dave Niehaus. I have always enjoyed listening to Dave on the radio; this is an honor long in coming, congrats Dave!

So, what uniform with Griffey wear if he makes it into the Hall? I would say the M's uniform, but he has now spent more time in Cincy than in Seattle. Of course, if for whatever reason, they do bring him back to DH (not much better than Vidro) it would be the largest morale boost this city has ever seen.