Monday, August 18, 2008

The Twinkies and other sadness

Swept again. I am not sure, but I think the M's have only won, one out of their last twelve series. I don't think we could be any more pathetic. Apparently, we are trying to be worse than any other team in M's history...and still have a 100+ Million dollar payroll.

I am having a hard time with football starting. I have missed both Seahawk games, and I am not motivated at all to commission my own Fantasy Football league. Oh well, time to suck it up. Drove past the new Redmond facility when the players were going through morning drills. What an awesome setting for a football training facility.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Vidro has been released. To bring you up to speed:

1. Bavasi - out
2. Sexson - out
3. Vidro - out
4. Batista - still around

The M's are trying to make things happen with some youth. The guys from AAA are doing well. Morrow was sent down to get ready as a major league starter next year. We will always be comparing him to Tim Lincecum of SF. Tim was backyard kid that was not taken by the M's, but passed over for Brandon instead. Tim will be a Cy Young winner within the next 3 years, playing for a team that will not win the NL West during that same time frame.

Let's hear it for the AL East! The team with the second lowest payroll in all of baseball is leading the East, go Rays! About time we as baseball fans are not hearing about Sox/Yanks rivalry all the time. We recently went to a Red Sox game in Seattle. The only way I knew it was not a home game for the Red Sox was the fact we were in Safeco Field. (Bill and other lifelong Sox fans are excluded from what I am about to say) I think Red Sox fans have surpassed Yankee fans as the most annoying in my book. It is close, but this switch may have occurred.