Friday, September 19, 2008

Tough times for Seattle sports

Sonics - Gone
Mariners - where do I start...what a long season.
Seahawks - It is so bad, they are allowing me to tryout at receiver
Dawgs - After this weekend's bye week, they should be 0-4.

Not sure what else to say. The M's were just swept by the Royals and their stifling pitching and explosive offense. The Seahawks lost their home open to a division team and another division team enters Quest Field this weekend. Hopefully we can keep our head above water against the Rams.

Maybe the Griz can do something this year for college football in the NW.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Welcome back the commercial jingle has the best ads in the business. The Geico caveman time has come and gone. Bring on the creative jingles talking about sub-compacts and tourist restaurants. Lacking the jingle, the Apple ads have also been very creative and fun to watch.

The Good, Bad and the Ugly in reverse order

The Ugly: Seahawks. Wow, what a loss. The special teams play of the Bills took every once of air out of any hopes of a comeback. I hope that the defense of the hawks will make sure to watch when players are leaving the field.

The Bad: BYU wins. Apparently, college football is cracking down on any signs of celebrating. To which I applaud them, I have been asking for a crack down. However, this did cause the UW football team any hope of keeping BYU on it's heals and knocking them out of BCS contention.

The Good: The Griz opened on the road versus a ranked team in Cal Poly. It was good to see the Griz put some decent competition on the schedule before they face John Kitna's alma mater in Central Washington.

Also in the "good" segment, the M's took 2 out of 3 from the Yankees. Aiding them in their quest with not making the post season. Also, Brandon Marrow far exceeded my expectation and nearly no-hit the hated evil empire on Friday night.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Not only does Beltre join the likes of Olerud, Buhner and A-Rod as Mariners who have hit for the cycle, he also participated in MLB history. Along with Beltre, Stephan Drew also hit for the cycle on the same day. First time since 1920 that feat has been accomplished!

The M's are doing what they can to finish strong. At this rate, they will not be receiving the #1 draft pick next June.

Tuiasosopo was called up from AAA for the month of Sept. His family is a rather large partipicate in Seattle area sports. It is nice to see this hometown boy get a shot with his hometown team. Brandon Morrow will have his chance at starting, making his debut this Saturday versus the Yankees. I am looking forward to all this hype being over. I predict he goes 5 innings giving up 4 ER, and probably 5 K's.

BOTW: Red Seal Ale

I was in Monterey a couple weeks back and tried a CA beer called Red Seal Ale. Here are my thoughts:

A little bit of bitter up front. The bitter taste gradually fads away to a nice finishing hoppy taste. I had a difficult time tasting any malt with this beer. Overall, a nice summer beer.

I would rate this beer as "drinkable".