Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We have a new GM!

No, it was not one of the 3 finalists. Zduriencik, a fourth finalist that I was unaware of at the time of my last entry, is the winner. He is the "old white guy" of the bunch. He recently won baseball "Executive of the Year" award, first non-GM to achieve this feat. He does bring the most experience in player development. He is coming to the M's courtesy of the Brewers front office, where he is known for finding Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and Corey Hart...not the other Corey Hart. Perhaps Ned Yost will now be in the running for the M's manager slot.

I don't have a formalized opinion on this hiring. It sounds like he brings all the right player scouting and development skills to the post. It is my hope this move will bring greatness. I have a strong feeling that players like Washburn and Batista, heads that I have requested to roll for awhile now, will be gone before spring training starts. more year. Lopez needs to find a rhythm and perhaps 1B is that "rhythm".

Here is a link to Zduriencik's resume for those interested....

What I do know, the next 4 months should be very interesting. Fan Fest, here we come!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tough times for Seahawks

On sports radio today, the majority of the fan base for the hawks appears to have zero patience for the current season performance and are asking for the head of Ruskell. I am not one of them...yet. We have enjoyed a good run recently, but it appears the woes that troubled us in the 90's potentially have returned. It is weird how little changed in the area of our defense, but yet we have one of the worst defenses in the league, when last year we had one of the best.

Our draft picks since the Super Bowl run of '05 have been, well, crappy. They are well talented players that have not panned out. On the free agency/trade side of player acquisitions, Deion Branch cost us a first rounder; while the Patriots only paid for a 3rd rounder with Randy Moss. I guess timing is everything.

Perhaps this means a better shot at season tickets next year...

Final 3 for GM

Ng has made the cut. In fact, I am pleased by all 3 finalist selected. What they all have in common, this will be their first GM position. They all come with varying years of experience and guidance, which will provide value in their new role.

What does that mean for expectations? Hard to say. Perhaps they want to come in a make a big splash...if ownership allows it. Or, perhaps they come in and focus on a variety of smaller, less noticeable details that work towards the greater good. I vote for the lader. We have good bones to this team, just need to work on how all the part and pieces fit together.

Do not look for this position to be filled until after the conclusion of the World Series. Once that is done, I expect an annoucment within 2-3 days.

First thing to address will be the manager position. Once the World Series is over, the list of available candidates will become clear. I would be looking for a manager that has vision and is given some flexibility from the new GM. Stranger things have happened, we are looking at a potential "worst to first" team to enter the World Series. Why can't the M's do that next year?

With two major changes like this, a work trip would be the only thing that could make me miss FanFest.

Friday, October 03, 2008

A new GM for Christmas

I was perusing some other M's blogs and listening to sports talk the other day, and an interesting name popped up, Dan Jennings. He is an exec in the Marlins system currently. For those of you that have been long team readers, I am a huge fan of what the Florida teams have accomplished with their FA pickups and home-grown talent. As of right now, Dan Jennings (if he would be willing to come back to Seattle) would get my vote. Dan was a former scout in the M's organization. From what I can tell, his name also surfaced after the departure of Pat Gillick in 2003. Before going to the Marlins, he did some scouting for the Rays.

Of course the Marlins have not made the playoffs recently, but keep in mind they had more wins this year than the Dodgers. On that transitional note, I would love to see Kim Ng take the GM role as well. I believe she is currently the assistant GM and would love to have her bring her experience and knowledge to Seattle. The Dodgers have had some prize pitchers and field players work their way up the farm chain. Also, the Dodgers have been making some nice free agent moves in recent history.

Thankfully, Cashman is no longer an option. He can pick hitters, but is horrible with pitching... Carl Pavano, example "A".

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Defending the crown!

It was touch and go near the end, but I was able to keep my opponent at bay during the 2 week long final game for the Fantasy baseball trophy. We had a rather large change in format this year, which proved to kick my ass for the entire season...until the playoffs. Once the "second season" began, I knew I had a chance.

Soon, I will update my Facebook photo with my bobble head trophies placed back to back.