Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final 3 for GM

Ng has made the cut. In fact, I am pleased by all 3 finalist selected. What they all have in common, this will be their first GM position. They all come with varying years of experience and guidance, which will provide value in their new role.

What does that mean for expectations? Hard to say. Perhaps they want to come in a make a big splash...if ownership allows it. Or, perhaps they come in and focus on a variety of smaller, less noticeable details that work towards the greater good. I vote for the lader. We have good bones to this team, just need to work on how all the part and pieces fit together.

Do not look for this position to be filled until after the conclusion of the World Series. Once that is done, I expect an annoucment within 2-3 days.

First thing to address will be the manager position. Once the World Series is over, the list of available candidates will become clear. I would be looking for a manager that has vision and is given some flexibility from the new GM. Stranger things have happened, we are looking at a potential "worst to first" team to enter the World Series. Why can't the M's do that next year?

With two major changes like this, a work trip would be the only thing that could make me miss FanFest.

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