Friday, October 03, 2008

A new GM for Christmas

I was perusing some other M's blogs and listening to sports talk the other day, and an interesting name popped up, Dan Jennings. He is an exec in the Marlins system currently. For those of you that have been long team readers, I am a huge fan of what the Florida teams have accomplished with their FA pickups and home-grown talent. As of right now, Dan Jennings (if he would be willing to come back to Seattle) would get my vote. Dan was a former scout in the M's organization. From what I can tell, his name also surfaced after the departure of Pat Gillick in 2003. Before going to the Marlins, he did some scouting for the Rays.

Of course the Marlins have not made the playoffs recently, but keep in mind they had more wins this year than the Dodgers. On that transitional note, I would love to see Kim Ng take the GM role as well. I believe she is currently the assistant GM and would love to have her bring her experience and knowledge to Seattle. The Dodgers have had some prize pitchers and field players work their way up the farm chain. Also, the Dodgers have been making some nice free agent moves in recent history.

Thankfully, Cashman is no longer an option. He can pick hitters, but is horrible with pitching... Carl Pavano, example "A".

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