Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tough times for Seahawks

On sports radio today, the majority of the fan base for the hawks appears to have zero patience for the current season performance and are asking for the head of Ruskell. I am not one of them...yet. We have enjoyed a good run recently, but it appears the woes that troubled us in the 90's potentially have returned. It is weird how little changed in the area of our defense, but yet we have one of the worst defenses in the league, when last year we had one of the best.

Our draft picks since the Super Bowl run of '05 have been, well, crappy. They are well talented players that have not panned out. On the free agency/trade side of player acquisitions, Deion Branch cost us a first rounder; while the Patriots only paid for a 3rd rounder with Randy Moss. I guess timing is everything.

Perhaps this means a better shot at season tickets next year...


Bill said...

So, you're saying our defense needs another one of these:

Josh said...

LOL, yes, bring back the now Realtor Brian Bosworth!