Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We have a new GM!

No, it was not one of the 3 finalists. Zduriencik, a fourth finalist that I was unaware of at the time of my last entry, is the winner. He is the "old white guy" of the bunch. He recently won baseball "Executive of the Year" award, first non-GM to achieve this feat. He does bring the most experience in player development. He is coming to the M's courtesy of the Brewers front office, where he is known for finding Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and Corey Hart...not the other Corey Hart. Perhaps Ned Yost will now be in the running for the M's manager slot.

I don't have a formalized opinion on this hiring. It sounds like he brings all the right player scouting and development skills to the post. It is my hope this move will bring greatness. I have a strong feeling that players like Washburn and Batista, heads that I have requested to roll for awhile now, will be gone before spring training starts. more year. Lopez needs to find a rhythm and perhaps 1B is that "rhythm".

Here is a link to Zduriencik's resume for those interested....

What I do know, the next 4 months should be very interesting. Fan Fest, here we come!

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