Thursday, November 13, 2008

The hunt for a manager, and other notes

I don't have a lot of to say on a new manager or not. They have a current list of 7 and it is rumored that 3 more will be added. A decision will be made before the end of this month. This week is round 1, and next week will be round 2 with a decision coming shortly after Thanksgiving.

All the candidates so far have their pluses and minuses. I just want a winner to be placed on the field.

In other news, the M's parted ways with 2 players, and assigned 2 others to the minors. Jake Woods declined his minor assignment and is now gone. Yung Chin Chen was picked up by the A's, and Jared Wells and Joe Woerman were sent down. This opens up 4 spots on the 40 man roster. This clearly gives the M's the room they need to go after the young Japanese hurler Junichi Tazawa. He is not in the "majors" in Japan, so the M's don't have to pay out money just to talk to him (i.e Dice-K and Kuroda). The M's are denying that any contact has been made to Tazawa, and he is a bit of a gamble. However, he does have youth on his side. The other diamond the M's have that other ball clubs do not is a Japanesse catcher in Johjima. This could help us land Tazawa without breaking the bank.

A small jab to the M's, Tim Lincecum is your NL Cy Young winner, and new cover boy for "MLB 2K9". The last time I hope to talk about this from a standpoint of comparing Morrow to Lincecum. If you really want to compare notes, Tim has 1 Cy Young and no WS titles, Morrow has zeros in both standings. Overall, not bad to be down 1 award. Morrow will be a full time starter next year, so the true comparison will take place.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Do we want Junior?

This town needs the boost. No NBA, Seahawks look like the Seachickens and the Mariners were the first team with over $100 million in payroll to lose 100 or more games. Yes, Seattle could use the morale boost.

What do you get 10 years later? We won't be receiving the wall-jamming, outfielder of years gone. We will receive a left-handed DH. So, let's compare Griffey to the switch hitting Vidro.





































So, Vidro remains consistently bad, while Griffey does have a good decline against LHP. For the season, Griffey is right around a .250 (.249) average. Not great for a career .280 hitter, but not horrible. Vidro is a career .300 hitter and just completed his worst offensive year in his career.

Looking that these numbers, and based upon the assumption you cannot do any worse, bring back the old man for a swan song in a Mariner uniform. However, I am only agreeing to this if he is willing to lower his price tag. I believe Griffey is looking for those salary numbers based upon his late 90's and early 00's performance. That Griffey is no longer around, he will need to adjust his demands.

I doubt that Griffey fits into the plan that J-Z has for this team. Currently, it does make for an ineteresting off-season discussion.

All quiet on the Mariner front

Nothing new to report. J-Z (Jack Zduriencik) has made a couple of front office moves, bringing in his own people.

Those M's that have filled for free agency:
1. Raul Ibanez
2. Willie Bloomquist
3. Miguel Cairo

Nothing too surprising about these fillings. I hope that Raul can play on some sort of contender. I don't think I will miss Willie that much. Cairo is a journeyman anyway, so no love lost their either. This opens the door for some great players in the minors to come worth and prove they have what it takes to play for the Mariners...which isn't much these days.

I am looking forward to see who J-Z grabs in next June's draft. I do not think we will be big players in the hot stove league. We did all of our great work last year in landing Bedard for all of 3 months of service. I believe Bedard is only with us for another season. It would be in his best interest to remain healthy and perform well all year to boost his stock.

BOTW: My own

Yes, we finally brewed beer again. The airlock is popping away downstairs as I type this. With any luck, we should be able to bottle our Brown Ale next weekend. A review will be forthcoming, just in time for Thanksgiving. (Maybe even for the Hawks/Skins game, Bill).

NOTE: For those of you new to the "BOTW" title, that is "beer of the week". Since it is more like months between beer reviews, I should probably change that.