Monday, November 03, 2008

All quiet on the Mariner front

Nothing new to report. J-Z (Jack Zduriencik) has made a couple of front office moves, bringing in his own people.

Those M's that have filled for free agency:
1. Raul Ibanez
2. Willie Bloomquist
3. Miguel Cairo

Nothing too surprising about these fillings. I hope that Raul can play on some sort of contender. I don't think I will miss Willie that much. Cairo is a journeyman anyway, so no love lost their either. This opens the door for some great players in the minors to come worth and prove they have what it takes to play for the Mariners...which isn't much these days.

I am looking forward to see who J-Z grabs in next June's draft. I do not think we will be big players in the hot stove league. We did all of our great work last year in landing Bedard for all of 3 months of service. I believe Bedard is only with us for another season. It would be in his best interest to remain healthy and perform well all year to boost his stock.

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