Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mariner updates

Whew, we have a manager. Well, we have had a manager since before Thanksgiving, I have just been lazy in reporting it. As of yesterday, we traded Putz. Honestly, a move I am not 100% happy with, since we have no "closer in waiting". The likely candidate could be Ryan Rowland Smith and keep Morrow in the starting rotation.

We do receive a great quick player in return (actually 7 players total, but I am only going to focus on Gutierrez). He is being credited with an outstanding glove, and an optimistic approach with his bat. I am sure his numbers will be better than those of Reed.

I wish Putz well as he becomes the setup man for K-Rod in NY and their new stadium. I guess this puts an end to "Thunderstuck" being played as Putz enters that was fun.