Sunday, January 04, 2009


As I am watching more snow fall outside my window, I am still excited for FanFest in 3 weeks. Just the thought of baseball makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Today, I had no idea who made the playoffs. To be honest, I did not care.

I have nothing major to write about today, more or less just killing time.

I will do a BOTW review with the last beer from my homebrew supply. Sorry Bill, the beer matured in mid-December. I should have given you a couple to take home as it turned out well.

Well, should get back to Fantasy baseball research, need to work on "three-in-a-row".

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Bill said...

Mmmmm, Beer...

I had a Fat Tire last night and noticed they do seasonal labels. The familiar bike was under the familiar tree, but this time covered in snow. Very fitting for last night.