Tuesday, January 27, 2009

4 years of blogging

It has been a great 4 years of noting my thoughts, primarily on the M's. However, I have had a steady decline in my posts. I hope to improve upon that. I also added an application (Bill S. this should also work on iPod touch) that will allow me to remote blog from my iPhone.

We attended FanFest this past weekend. Heard a little bit from Don Wakumatsu as we were gearing up to run the bases. It was too cold in the dugout discussion area to sit with our little one. We just rounded the bases and had some lunch and took in a few rays.

No one is saying this, but this will be a rebuildling year. We have some talent that could play out very well. I am looking forward to Franklin Gutierrez taking the field this season, he should be one to watch. One thing that Franklin does bring is patiences at the plate. We were horrible last year. I recall watching many games were we ended the inning on 3 outs on 3 pitches. Never a stat to write home about.

The AL West will be a nice race to watch, especially for A's and Angel fans. Those two teams have gained and lost the mostt. In fact, I look to the A's to take first place this season.

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