Monday, February 16, 2009

Signed Josh Fields and maybe Griffey?

Woohoo! I feel that this is great news for the organization. We have signed our hottest prospect at a perfect time. He can report to camp and start his path to becoming our best closer ever. Well, that is my hope.

As far as KGJ goes, I am hopefully optimistic. I am not holding my breath because I do feel he will play in Atlanta this year, but it never hurts to dream. Listening to sports talk today, people bought tickets based on this rumor and rumor alone! That is great sign. If the bonehead owners of this organization are listening, KGJ would be welcomed back to Seattle with open arms.

Morale wise, this is the best. But fans need to know that you are not getting the diving outfielder from 10 years ago. Rather a DH that should produce better than our DH from last year. I am not sure what Atlanta is getting. If he does play the field, he is almost a guarantee for the DL. His career would be better suited to finishing up in Seattle and playing every day.

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