Thursday, February 19, 2009

Woohoo! (I think)

Griffey can now close his career the way it began. All the fans in Safeco will get to see him play 4 times a game, hopefully. Since all the talk of 18 months can finally come to a close, here is my take on this.

1. An awesome sign of loyality in the current non-loyal sports world where money usually reigns supreme.
2. He starts his career where it began.
3. Griffey merchandise that I purchased 10-12 years ago is now back "in".
4. I should have waited on selling on those damn baseball cards! (the pro is I have less junk)
5. Great year of attendence regardless of record. People will go to the park to see Griffey. They won't go to see Washburn or Silva pitch.

1. Not the same Griffey from 10+ years ago. A lot of people want that as their last memory, not a DH
2. Did this set the goals of the club back a couple of years? Time may tell. He is a veteran and those powers should be used for "good" with some of our younger talent.
3. I think he has a lot of expectations to live up to, not mine, but the fan base as a whole.
4. Should of waited to sell those baseball cards!

Now, we just need to unload the overprices items of Washburn, Silva, and Batista. I think we have something like 30 Mil wrapped up in these guys. I hope that all 3 of them are gone by July 31st.

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Montana1 said...

I hope folks in Seattle are not too disappointed in this version of Griffey. Don't set your expectations too high.

Agreed on Silva. He has been consistent throughout his career. He starts hot and fades REALLY fast.

Sadly, I don't see many improvements in the 2009 Ms.

Have a good one!