Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fantasy Baseball team for 2009

As I do every year, I post my starting roster for Fantasy Baseball. The roster at the end of year, does not usually look this pretty. I took a couple of risks on offense by attaining some players with high K rates, historically. There were a couple of players that I wanted that I missed out on (Verlander and Carpenter).



Chris Iannetta


Ryan Howard


Ian Kinsler


Kevin Youkilis


Khalil Greene


Corey Hart


Ryan Ludwick


Andre Ethier


Adrián González


Brandon Webb

Roy Halladay

Francisco Liriano

Jon Lester

Scott Kazmir

Kevin Slowey

Jair Jurrjens

Kenshin Kawakami

Jesse Litsch

Anthony Reyes


Francisco Cordero

Chad Qualls

We have 10 teams this year, and I am taking over as commish from "Greg". Should be a fun year!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Don't look now, but the M's are in first!

I know this is the cactus league, and they only have 5 games under their belt; 4-0-1 and hitting the cover off the ball. Griffey makes his "debut" tonight in an exhibition game against Australia. Historically, the worst the M's did in the Cactus league, the better the regular season was for them. As encouraging as this fast start is, I am not holding my breath.

Washburn has pitched very well to date, and is on track to be a decent piece of trade bait.

It appears that we have a leader in the closer role with that going to my "favorite" pitcher Batista. I guess if this role suits him, I can learn to live with him. It sounds like we won't see Josh Fields until maybe next year in Safeco Field. Depending on where the M's sit in September, they very well could bring him up to get a prelimarily view. As to when we will see Bedards smiling face, I have not heard.

The Kindle 2

Love it! For those of you that know me, I don't read. I am sure my grammar in those blog is living proof of that. However, the Kindle 2 is exactly what the non-reader needs, something cool to read with.

This is not at all like reading on a computer screen. With it's "paper" display, the screen is gentle on the eyes and does not cause eye fatigue as a computer screen would. It does not have a back lite screen, so nighttime reading still does require a light source of some kind.

The Kindle weighs all 10 ounces and is about a third of a inch think. For those that travel and like to read, this could be a great gift. No need to take those bulky books in your carry on bag. Without the wireless on, it predicts something like 2 weeks of reading time. If you do not sign up for blogs or newspaper subscriptions, there is no need to keep your wireless turned on.

It comes with a "read to me" feature. I did test this and it sounds pretty good. You can also purchase audio books for playback on your Kindle.

A majority of the books and newspaper subscriptions run about $10. However, there are promotions from time to time, and I found a hysterical book that was free called "Free-Range Chickens".

If you like to make notes in books, you can do that too. However, if the book was to be removed from your Kindle, those notes are lost. You can re-download books that you have removed.

Overall, a great device! I have had this for about 5 days now, finished one book and almost completed another. I feel this blog post is like one of those NBC "The more you know" segments where someone like Zachary Levi (Chuck) says "Teach an adult to read, buy them a kindle."

(queue the music)