Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Kindle 2

Love it! For those of you that know me, I don't read. I am sure my grammar in those blog is living proof of that. However, the Kindle 2 is exactly what the non-reader needs, something cool to read with.

This is not at all like reading on a computer screen. With it's "paper" display, the screen is gentle on the eyes and does not cause eye fatigue as a computer screen would. It does not have a back lite screen, so nighttime reading still does require a light source of some kind.

The Kindle weighs all 10 ounces and is about a third of a inch think. For those that travel and like to read, this could be a great gift. No need to take those bulky books in your carry on bag. Without the wireless on, it predicts something like 2 weeks of reading time. If you do not sign up for blogs or newspaper subscriptions, there is no need to keep your wireless turned on.

It comes with a "read to me" feature. I did test this and it sounds pretty good. You can also purchase audio books for playback on your Kindle.

A majority of the books and newspaper subscriptions run about $10. However, there are promotions from time to time, and I found a hysterical book that was free called "Free-Range Chickens".

If you like to make notes in books, you can do that too. However, if the book was to be removed from your Kindle, those notes are lost. You can re-download books that you have removed.

Overall, a great device! I have had this for about 5 days now, finished one book and almost completed another. I feel this blog post is like one of those NBC "The more you know" segments where someone like Zachary Levi (Chuck) says "Teach an adult to read, buy them a kindle."

(queue the music)

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