Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big day in Seattle sports

Whether you like baseball or not, most people do enjoy a good story. Today, we have a great story being told at Safeco Field, Griffey returns to the place where it all happened. The excitement surrounding today has rivaled that of the 1995 run to the playoffs. I really wish I could be there, as the crowd should go crazy when they hear his name. He was very well received 18 months ago when he played here wearing a Reds uniform. I expect the crowd to be even louder this time around. (In fact, the home pitcher was boo'ed for pitching 2 straight balls to Griffey, everyone wanted to see him hit.)

I think many of us view this as a sign of loyalty in a sport that players appear more like mercanaires. Griffey wanted to come back and this fan base wanted him to come back. A playoff run would some nice icing on this cake, but right now I am basking in the glow of his return.

(Plus Silva is pitching, not really a strong start at home)

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