Thursday, May 21, 2009

1-0, nice win

We stuck it out to the end.  Griffey being the only RBI of the night.  Our pitching has not been horrible, but our offense seems to be taking a dip. 

Tonight, we are facing a lefty in Saunders, which we tend to do well against lefties.  However, at the time of this writing, we are down 2-0 in the 7th with Morrow pitching.

Speaking of Morrow, it appears that he is out of the closer role for now.  He entered tonight's game after Bedard and his 95 pitches exited in the 6th.  David Aardsma is our closer for now.  I like the move.  If Morrow is suppose to be our closer, it is nice to give him some reps in the middle innings of close games to build up some confidence. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 outa 3 from the Sox

We had a pretty good weekend series against the Sox, taking 2 out of 3.  We have carried that momentum forward losing on Monday to the Angels and playing a close game on Tuesday (at the time of this blog entry).  /subtle sarcasm.

The M’s showed some nice pitching and having the ability to take advantage of miscues.

Randy Johnson returns on Friday night.  I am willing to bet the fans give him a standing ovation.

Now, back to watching the game…

Twitter is overrated

I think web 2.0 has reached a saturation point with me.  I see the value in Twitter from a following standpoint, but not from a “I am going to do this” standpoint.  I “follow” a couple of state DOT sites in the West, but that is about it. 

The concept of Twitter is fabulous for the service industry.  Maybe your local DMV could Twitter the current wait time.  Bars and restaurants could Twitter upcoming specials and shows.  But when it comes to people I really don’t care.

I do the Facebook thing, but only check that once a day and on random occasions update the “what’s on my mind” portion.  I do like the wealth of information out there on FB, but I feel overwhelmed most of the time.  I also enjoy how many sites allow you to post to your FB profile with a quick click of the mouse. 

Overall, web 2.0 is nice, but I feel we are reaching the edge of the ledge.  I have no idea what the service pack 2.0.1 will bring.


What will Roger Goodell do?  He will not re-instate Michael Vick. 

I am all for Michael coming back into society and being a contributing member.  However, Roger has made a pretty good precedent that he will not stand for much in the way of poor behavior.  With that said, he will not re-instate Vick to the NFL.

There was a lot of talk around corporate news sites today about this and Vick’s upcoming release in July.  It is my opinion that Roger will do this because he has the chance to right a wrong.  Baseball and basketball have both made mistakes in regards to player gaffs.  The NFL has a golden opportunity to make a large statement. 

Friday, May 15, 2009

I love the Northwest

Only in Seattle does the first Copper River salmon have a red carpet entry to the city.  The new UW football coach, Steve Sarkisian, caught the ceremonial first throw. 

I have discovered that there is better salmon than Copper River, but we can keep that a secret. 

A quick side note.  I recently finished “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and I had no idea how often Missoula and/or Montana is referenced.  Even Robert Jordan is a Spanish professor at UM.  Thanks to the Kindle, I am now reading the classics.  Next up, “Pride and Prejudice”. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yet another “L” for Morrow

I think it is safe to say, we have closer issues.  Felix was able to pitch well for 7 innings, Aardsma was able to hold for the perfect 8th and Morrow blew it yet again in the 9th.  Morrow successfully gave up 2 home runs to Texas in the 9th while only registering one out.  I am starting to see what our July 30th trade deadline priority will be.

(Updating my post at 8:30 PM)

The top paragraph was probably not very nice to Morrow.  We do need to give him a chance.  Putz had his stumbles when he was first being called up to the majors.  As I have stated before, Morrow comes to the M’s will a lot of pressure to be successful.  Mostly placed their by the media and hard core fans.  Morrow should really be put back into a starter type of role, I do not think that closing is his cup of tea.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another blown save

Morrow has once again lost a game.  This time it was to Texas in extra innings.  So, in the last week, we have lost to Texas 4 times, Twinkies 2 times, and the Royals 2 times.  Great road trip.  We had an early lead against the Rangers, but they were able to get back into this game. 

The loss is hard to handle.  Beltre, Brayan and Johjima both went deep to help the club.  The M’s even took the lead in the top of the 11th, but quickly Morrow had a runner in scoring position with no outs. 

There is a pretty dark cloud over Morrow.  A lot of it has to do with something out of his control, how he was drafted.  But he is not doing himself any favors.  This is the second time I have watched him fall apart.  Thankfully, this series ends tomorrow and the M’s return home and maybe regroup over the long home stand.

MLB At Bat 2009 – iPhone app

This is now my favorite application on the iPhone.  It is a paid app ($10), but I can listen to any and all MLB games no matter what. 

When I initially purchased this, there was no sound even though they said they supported Edge and Wi-Fi connections.  You had to have 3G enabled and running for any sound to work, very frustration.  This was all fixed in version 1.1 making it my favorite app.

Tonight, I have been listen to the MLB debut of Parra and Augenstein for the D-Back.  Parra hit a HR in his first MLB at bat, that was awesome to hear.  Augenstein has done a fairly good job pitching making well into the 7th at the time of this writing.  They were facing the Red ace in Cueto so these accomplishments speak well. 

(It should be noted, this app also works on the iPod Touch)

Thank you Bill Bavasi

After spending much of last year on the DL, Bedard has pitched well for the M’s this year…a contract year for him no less.  But lets take a look at the other side of the trade.

Adam Jones:  He had 2 HR’s in last night’s game and raised his batting average to a whopping .420 and a slugging percentage of .669.  He also has 8 home runs for the season, 1 less than he did all of last year for the O’s.  Along with being half way to his total RBI’s from year, Jones could be on his way to the All-Star game. 

George Sherril: Sure, he has 1 loss in relief this year, but does have 6 saves in 8 save opportunities.  Last year he was 31 out of 37.  In his first 15 appearances, he has a decent ERA of 3.68

Chris Tillman: The minor league pitcher of the year in the M’s org in 2007.  He is 4-0 in AA with a 2.03 ERA and holding opponents to a batting average of .212.  Tillman is quickly becoming a full fledged Bedard replacement (only he pitches right handed).  He is currently ranked as the 16th best prospect in all of baseball.

There were two others that were also traded to the O’s, Tony Butler and Kam Mickolio.  Butler was the third round choice for the M’s in the now famous 2006 “Morrow Lincecum” draft.  Butler had a lot of promise, but is out on the DL in the O’s system after shoulder surgery.  Kam did see some time in the majors last year with limited success, but is purely in the minors now, waiting for another chance.

So thank you Bill Bavasi.  As I sit and watch the July 31st trade deadline approach, I can only think that Bedard will be sent somewhere else so that we don’t completely loose everything.  I guess time will tell. 

Osprey’s in the Majors

For those of you that attend Osprey games, the D-Back have just called up two ex-Osprey players.  Gerardo Parra and Bryan Augenstein were called up yesterday to join the team.  This is really cool!  I only know of one other person, Lyle Overbay to make it to the bigs after a year in an Osprey uniform.

A friend of mine watched Parra a couple years back and told me about him.  He has a gun for an arm that continues to nail players when they attempt to tag.  Here is what the had for Parra as well.

I don’t know much about Augenstein, but he sounds like a solid pitcher for the ball club.  The great thing about this move, they are both skipping AAA and jumping right in.  I think that speaks highly of their talent and playing level.  On top of that Augenstein is starting on Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We love Texas

WTF was that for a game?  We were owned in probably the worst pitching ballpark in the AL.  Since 2003 we are something like 16-39 in that stadium, how insane is that?  Texas has always had some sort of offense but could not pitch themselves out of a wet paper bag.  Tonight, you would have thought we faced the reigning AL CY Young winner. 

It was nice to see us finish the Twinkies series with a win, but a horrible start to the Ranger’s series. 

Tonight’s loss could blamed our on pen (Lowe).  Vargas pitched well as the start in place of the dead weight known as Silva.  I would like to see us put together a string of wins in our next home stand.

Speaking of Memorial Day weekend, Randy Johnson returns to Safeco Field and potentially his 300th win.  That could be nice to see.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Writer, MSFT and the new Kindle

The past few posts, I have used Live Writer, free from Microsoft.  I think Word 2007 had the ability to plug into blogger, but this program is free and is very easy to use and configure.

Microsoft has really tried to be cool lately, about 10 years behind other companies, but better late than never.  They also released the free ability to plug into Hotmail from Outlook.  This was free awhile back, then went to a pay feature and now back to free.  My guess is because no one paid for it.  Now, if iPhone could only directly hook into Hotmail directly.

I see the a larger screen Kindle has been released.  I am not sure if this is a good idea based on the fact that you can adjust your font size on the model that I have.  I have yet to find a need for a larger screen, and I am not sure the $489 price tag will help either.  I am sure if I tried one, I would fall in love it, but I really enjoy my Kindle 2. 

Now that I have turned an old work laptop into my new mobile center, I hope to update my blog on a more regular basis.  I was loosing some momentum there and have dropped my posts each of the past 2 years.  Now, if the M’s would just frickin win a game, I could write about more stuff that no one will read. 


I have installed the RC (Release Candidate…I think #1) onto an older IBM laptop.  It is a T60 with 2 GB of RAM.  This was a machine that ran okay under XP and would not stand a chance under Vista.  With Win7, it runs very well.

From a graphical user standpoint, nothing really special here.  Just a modernized user interface from Vista.  They have improved the sidebar where the “gadgets” can now be free flowing.  The Start bar or task bar, has a different look to it for active windows. 

The big change is the improved stability over Vista.  My IBM computer boots faster than XP.  It also loads faster than my work Dell E-6400 with Vista 64-bit.   The fact that I can use a 2 year old+ laptop on a brand new OS is nice to see.  I also did not have to install any drivers for my laptop.  I was up and running on my home wireless network in about 10 minutes and able to start surfing.

This gives new promise to the “Netbooks” that are growing in popularity.  They come with  about 2 GB of memory and nice processor.  I have been thinking of getting one of these as my primary machine but was concerned about upgrading it once XP is no longer supported. 

I feel that those large boxy workstations are slowing losing popularity and laptops and netbooks will be the primary machines in family homes (or dare I say Macs?!)

Bill A, how is the Media Center of Win7?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Apparently, this is the team that was predicted to finish last

April was a fluke, or so it seems.  It is still early in the month of May, but the M’s are riding a 5 game losing streak.  Tonight, putting up a goose egg against the Twinkies. 

In 2006, we drafted 34 pitchers in the Amateur draft, including Brandon Morrow, however 15 of those pitchers never signed with the team.  I am not sure what the average draft/sign rate is for most teams, but we lost half of our pitchers.  Right now, we need starting pitching badly.  We left April as the #2 pitching team in the AL behind the Royals.  As of May 8th, the Royals are still first, and the M’s are dropping like a led balloon (already 3rd not including tonight’s performance). 

We need to cut bait with Silva.  He is the worst starting pitching with the third highest salary on the team.  How does that work?  I wonder if Scott Boras is his agent.  We need to drop some of Bavasi’s mistakes as soon as possible. 

This road trip is not off to a good start.  First we are swept by the Royals and now this zero.  I am not blaming all of this on pitching, our bats have cooled beyond belief.  But, it is hard to win games when your pitchers put you in a large hole from the start. 

When they return home, we have the Red Sox, Angels and the SF Giants.  Lackey and Santana are doing their minor league rehab starts this week.  They could be up in time to face the M’s, not a good thing.  John Lackey eats the M’s for lunch every time he pitches against us.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

How about that April!

The M's are leading the AL West. Who would have thought! Not only are we first in the AL West, we are also second in the AL for team ERA. I cannot tell you the last time we had a pitching staff this solid this early.

Our offense is not horrible, 14th overall 9th in the AL for AVG. This could be better, but we have won the last couple of games with small ball. I made the brutal mistake of turning off the TV when the A's look the lead in the 12th on Sunday, little did I know. Our pen held it together and our offense (Lopez, the second time in 3 games) hit the game winning single.

Beltre is still looking for his first home run of the season, and Griffey is batting below .200 but we are still on first. A good sign of teamwork is taking place, exactly what I thought would happen. I know it is May 5th and a lot of baseball still to go, but I am smiling about our team in Seattle.

Seahawk draft

Thank you Brandy night, I have been meaning to say something. The draft ruled, what else can I say.

We grabbed the best available player at the 4 spot in Aaron Curry. Curry will gives a great coverage LB that can cover the field from east to west. He is also not afraid to take on big TE's and lineman.

Taking Max Unger in the 2nd was another great selection. Max played all OL positions in college which is huge for the Seahawks. He can fill in wherever he is needed.

"Bobby Ingram" came to us in the 3rd round in the form of Deon Butler. Deon is the leading WR in Penn State history. Who did he knock down to 2nd place in PSU history, Bobby Ingram. All 3 of these players have he ability to have an impact on day 1.

A pick that flies under the radar is Mike Teel from Rutgers. I am not sure what NFL abilities he has, but he was a great QB for 3 years at Rutgers. This could be good, since I am not a Seneca fan at QB.

On a non-draft note, the Seahawks removed the franchise tag from Hill to sign other free agents. It was a bit of a risk, but the hawks made a strong commitment to Leroy Hill and signed him to a large contract. Having 3, current and potential, pro bowlers at LB, should strengthen the middle of our defense. We are able to sign Ken Lucas for his second tour with the Hawks at CB. Again, adding some strength and stability to our defense.

I am not sure if these additional will put us back into first place, but this is one of the best off seasons in Seahawk history. Our first 3 picks will be on the field within in the first couple of games of the regular season.