Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another blown save

Morrow has once again lost a game.  This time it was to Texas in extra innings.  So, in the last week, we have lost to Texas 4 times, Twinkies 2 times, and the Royals 2 times.  Great road trip.  We had an early lead against the Rangers, but they were able to get back into this game. 

The loss is hard to handle.  Beltre, Brayan and Johjima both went deep to help the club.  The M’s even took the lead in the top of the 11th, but quickly Morrow had a runner in scoring position with no outs. 

There is a pretty dark cloud over Morrow.  A lot of it has to do with something out of his control, how he was drafted.  But he is not doing himself any favors.  This is the second time I have watched him fall apart.  Thankfully, this series ends tomorrow and the M’s return home and maybe regroup over the long home stand.

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