Friday, May 08, 2009

Apparently, this is the team that was predicted to finish last

April was a fluke, or so it seems.  It is still early in the month of May, but the M’s are riding a 5 game losing streak.  Tonight, putting up a goose egg against the Twinkies. 

In 2006, we drafted 34 pitchers in the Amateur draft, including Brandon Morrow, however 15 of those pitchers never signed with the team.  I am not sure what the average draft/sign rate is for most teams, but we lost half of our pitchers.  Right now, we need starting pitching badly.  We left April as the #2 pitching team in the AL behind the Royals.  As of May 8th, the Royals are still first, and the M’s are dropping like a led balloon (already 3rd not including tonight’s performance). 

We need to cut bait with Silva.  He is the worst starting pitching with the third highest salary on the team.  How does that work?  I wonder if Scott Boras is his agent.  We need to drop some of Bavasi’s mistakes as soon as possible. 

This road trip is not off to a good start.  First we are swept by the Royals and now this zero.  I am not blaming all of this on pitching, our bats have cooled beyond belief.  But, it is hard to win games when your pitchers put you in a large hole from the start. 

When they return home, we have the Red Sox, Angels and the SF Giants.  Lackey and Santana are doing their minor league rehab starts this week.  They could be up in time to face the M’s, not a good thing.  John Lackey eats the M’s for lunch every time he pitches against us.

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