Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Seahawk draft

Thank you Brandy night, I have been meaning to say something. The draft ruled, what else can I say.

We grabbed the best available player at the 4 spot in Aaron Curry. Curry will gives a great coverage LB that can cover the field from east to west. He is also not afraid to take on big TE's and lineman.

Taking Max Unger in the 2nd was another great selection. Max played all OL positions in college which is huge for the Seahawks. He can fill in wherever he is needed.

"Bobby Ingram" came to us in the 3rd round in the form of Deon Butler. Deon is the leading WR in Penn State history. Who did he knock down to 2nd place in PSU history, Bobby Ingram. All 3 of these players have he ability to have an impact on day 1.

A pick that flies under the radar is Mike Teel from Rutgers. I am not sure what NFL abilities he has, but he was a great QB for 3 years at Rutgers. This could be good, since I am not a Seneca fan at QB.

On a non-draft note, the Seahawks removed the franchise tag from Hill to sign other free agents. It was a bit of a risk, but the hawks made a strong commitment to Leroy Hill and signed him to a large contract. Having 3, current and potential, pro bowlers at LB, should strengthen the middle of our defense. We are able to sign Ken Lucas for his second tour with the Hawks at CB. Again, adding some strength and stability to our defense.

I am not sure if these additional will put us back into first place, but this is one of the best off seasons in Seahawk history. Our first 3 picks will be on the field within in the first couple of games of the regular season.

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brandy night rocks said...

All right! Awesome when my favorite sports blog spills some electrons talking about my favorite team.

I liked the Curry pick, too... hated to see Julian Peterson go, but getting Curry and recomposing the Leroy Hill relationship was brilliant. I hope they can shore up the offensive line enough so we can get Seneca Wallace back where he belongs with a clipboard in hand. Even though he's the best second-string receiver to ever start at quarterback for the 'Hawks, I'd rather see him on the sidelines I think.

I just hope Hasselbeck has some productive hours left in him. With TJ Whosyourdaddy, Branch, and Burleson, we should be able to put up some yards if Matt has time to throw.