Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We love Texas

WTF was that for a game?  We were owned in probably the worst pitching ballpark in the AL.  Since 2003 we are something like 16-39 in that stadium, how insane is that?  Texas has always had some sort of offense but could not pitch themselves out of a wet paper bag.  Tonight, you would have thought we faced the reigning AL CY Young winner. 

It was nice to see us finish the Twinkies series with a win, but a horrible start to the Ranger’s series. 

Tonight’s loss could blamed our on pen (Lowe).  Vargas pitched well as the start in place of the dead weight known as Silva.  I would like to see us put together a string of wins in our next home stand.

Speaking of Memorial Day weekend, Randy Johnson returns to Safeco Field and potentially his 300th win.  That could be nice to see.

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