Saturday, May 09, 2009


I have installed the RC (Release Candidate…I think #1) onto an older IBM laptop.  It is a T60 with 2 GB of RAM.  This was a machine that ran okay under XP and would not stand a chance under Vista.  With Win7, it runs very well.

From a graphical user standpoint, nothing really special here.  Just a modernized user interface from Vista.  They have improved the sidebar where the “gadgets” can now be free flowing.  The Start bar or task bar, has a different look to it for active windows. 

The big change is the improved stability over Vista.  My IBM computer boots faster than XP.  It also loads faster than my work Dell E-6400 with Vista 64-bit.   The fact that I can use a 2 year old+ laptop on a brand new OS is nice to see.  I also did not have to install any drivers for my laptop.  I was up and running on my home wireless network in about 10 minutes and able to start surfing.

This gives new promise to the “Netbooks” that are growing in popularity.  They come with  about 2 GB of memory and nice processor.  I have been thinking of getting one of these as my primary machine but was concerned about upgrading it once XP is no longer supported. 

I feel that those large boxy workstations are slowing losing popularity and laptops and netbooks will be the primary machines in family homes (or dare I say Macs?!)

Bill A, how is the Media Center of Win7?

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Bill said...

I'm still using Vista downstairs on the MCE box. It's dialed in and working fantastic. I won't move that to Win7 until Win7 is out and all the MCE add-ons have been updated to work with 7.