Tuesday, May 19, 2009


What will Roger Goodell do?  He will not re-instate Michael Vick. 

I am all for Michael coming back into society and being a contributing member.  However, Roger has made a pretty good precedent that he will not stand for much in the way of poor behavior.  With that said, he will not re-instate Vick to the NFL.

There was a lot of talk around corporate news sites today about this and Vick’s upcoming release in July.  It is my opinion that Roger will do this because he has the chance to right a wrong.  Baseball and basketball have both made mistakes in regards to player gaffs.  The NFL has a golden opportunity to make a large statement. 


Ryan said...

Heh. I saw the title of your post and was thinking of another RG. :-)

brandy night rocks said...

Vick needs to get back into the league so the Seahawks can pick him up and spend millions of dollars and hours in a futile effort to turn him into something other than a mediocre player on the field and and a waste of flesh off of it. All while management ignores the productive All-Pro parts of the team and allows them to fall by the wayside.

I mean, it's been what, like five years since the last time that cycle was repeated? Seriously, we're overdue.